Regulated pharmaceutical market is one of the key focus areas for BEI. Manufacturing facilities have the required approvals from the US FDA, UK MHRA and Europe. Our target is the technology driven niche markets which is tapped by selective players, thus providing differentiation. We work in a transparent way and our business models are cost based which helps customers understand the cost and hedge any changes accordingly. BEI has developed a number of e-CTD dossiers to offer licensing, distribution and supply for European markets. We are seeking potential partners who are keen to collaborate with us for their respective markets

Sr. No. Product Name Strength Dosage Form Availability
1 Amitryptyline 25 , 50 mg S/F Solution Q4/2016
2 Carboceistine 375 mg Capsules Q4/2016
3 Carboceistine 375 mg Capsules Q4/2016
4 Metformin 500, 750, 1000 mg Tablets e-ctd ready
5 Metformin 10 mg S/F Solution Q1/2017
6 Nortryptyline 10, 25 mg Tablets e-ctd ready
7 Trazodone 50, 100 mg Capsules e-ctd ready
8 Trazodone 150 mg Tablets Q4/2016
9 Trazodone 50 mg S/F Solution e-ctd ready