Welcome to Batavia Exports International.

BEI is an ideal development and manufacturing partner for pharmaceutical products. Our clients have an advantage with less time for products to reach the market from the drawing board. We deliver innovative and generic products, having collaborated with in house several Research and development centers, across India and manufacturing setups across the country and in the E. U. Our unique business model ensures transparency, customized services and utmost flexibility to clients. We work with the most stringent budgets and realistic timelines aided by effective resource management and project planning and regulatory knowledge.

Project execution from the lab trials to the finished product commercial supplies all activities are covered under a single roof. With support of world class manufacturing facilities in place, we are able to deliver products to customers in Europe as well as other parts of the world. Established in the year 1985, today we are able to deliver quality end to end solutions from API development to formulation development registration and obtaining Marketing Authorization of customers and thereafter commercial supply. Our customers enjoy a spectrum of manufacturing facilities offering various product manufacturing capabilities and possibilities. A wider selection helps our customers to select the best suited option.