Harish Batavia, Chairman A post graduate in Finance and cost accountancy from United Kingdom, has been in the pharmaceutical business since past 40 years and involved in exports of Pharmaceutical products including actives from India. Having spent quite some time of his initial life in the United Kingdom, he has through knowledge and experience about the world financial markets and operations. He is the Chairman of the company.
Harish Batavia


Tejas Batavia, CEO A post graduate in economics and having a masters degree from United Kingdom for International trade and Finance, has an experience of over 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He is responsible for Business development and is heading the organization in the capacity of the CEO.
Vishal Batavia, Vice PresidentA post graduate in marketing, operation management and having a Business Management Degree from Pune University, is a young and a dynamic member of our team with an experience of over 5 years Operations Management , he heads the operations of the company in the capacity of a vice president.
Vishal Batavia

Vice President